Frankston Arts Centre

25th February 2024 11:00am

Experience the magic with The Glow Squad

Are you searching for exciting children’s musical shows and family activities in Melbourne?
Look no further! The Glow Squad, a captivating entertainment experience, is ready to transport you to a world of fun, music, and adventure. Join us as we explore this extraordinary journey where dancing and singing become the solutions to everyday problems.

About the Glow Squad

At The Glow Squad, we’re not your ordinary entertainment show. We’re a troupe of performers who believe in the power of music and dance to bring joy and happiness to families and kids in Melbourne. Our mission is simple: to inspire everyone, no matter where they are in the galaxy, to get up and dance their problems away.

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The Magic of Our Shows

We create unforgettable moments for children and families with our captivating performances. Our interactive Melbourne shows feature original pop songs and intergalactic dance moves that will have you tapping your feet and grooving to the rhythm. The Glow Squad is all about using the universal language of music to overcome everyday challenges.

The Glow Squad Experience

When you step into the world of The Glow Squad, you’re in for a treat. Our shows are a mesmerising fusion of music, dance, and storytelling. Here’s what you can expect when you attend one of our events:
Engaging Storylines: Each performance tells a unique story, often set in an intergalactic world. These stories are designed to captivate the imaginations of both kids and adults.
Interactive Elements: We encourage our audience to join in the fun. From singing along to dancing in the aisles, our shows are all about active participation.
Original Music: Our shows feature original pop songs that are not only catchy but also carry powerful messages. We believe in the ability of music to convey emotions and inspire change.
Costumes and Special Effects:  The visual spectacle of our shows is truly remarkable. Our performers don vibrant costumes, and we use special effects to create an immersive experience.

Family Activities Near Me in Melbourne

If you’re on the lookout for ‘family activities near me,’ The Glow Squad is the perfect choice. We’re not just a show; we’re an experience that your entire family can enjoy together. Our shows are carefully crafted to cater to the entertainment needs of all age groups. Whether you’re a parent looking to create magical memories with your children or an adult seeking a unique and enjoyable experience, The Glow Squad has something for everyone.

Join us at Frankston Arts Centre on Sunday 25th February 2024, 11:00am

Join us as we bring our magical show to Frankston! This February, we’ll spend 60-out-of-this-galaxy minutes dancing our troubles away. Reserve your tickets now.

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The Power of Music and Dance

At The Glow Squad, we firmly believe in the power of music and dance to connect people and make everyday problems feel like a distant memory. Here’s why our unique approach to entertainment stands out:

Music: The Universal Language

Music transcends language barriers and reaches deep into the hearts of people. Our original pop songs are carefully crafted to carry meaningful messages while being incredibly catchy. Through music, we convey positivity, unity, and the belief that no problem is too big to overcome.

Dance: A Celebration of Life

Dance is the physical expression of joy, and at The Glow Squad, we take it to a whole new level. Our intergalactic dance moves not only get you moving but also make you forget your worries. It’s a celebration of life and an invitation to embrace the present moment.

Solutions Through Song and Dance

Our unique approach is not just about entertainment; it’s about healing. We aim to show families in Melbourne that they can find solutions to everyday problems by dancing, singing, and embracing the magic of the moment. It’s about creating a positive mindset that helps you face life’s challenges with a smile.

Community and Togetherness

The Glow Squad brings families together. Our shows are an opportunity for parents, children, and friends to bond and create lasting memories. When you attend one of our performances, you become part of a larger community that values happiness, laughter, and togetherness.

The Glow Squad is not just a children’s live show or a family musical; it’s an experience that
can change your perspective on life. Join us for a magical journey filled with music, dance,
and unforgettable moments.

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Join the Glow Squad

To immerse yourself in the world of The Glow Squad, all you need to do is book a show here. Whether you’re seeking a children’s live show, family musical, or simply a memorable outing, The Glow Squad is here to make your day truly special.
So, why wait? Experience the magic, joy, and entertainment that The Glow Squad brings to Melbourne. We’re more than just a children’s musical show; we’re a journey through music and dance that promises to leave you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Where to Find Us

You can catch our dazzling shows in Melbourne, so if you’re looking for ‘children’s live shows’ or ‘family musicals near me,’ The Glow Squad is your go-to destination. We bring the magic of music and dance right to your doorstep.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to us. You can contact Nikki at The Glow Squad through the following channels:
Phone: 0425 131 554

So, what are you waiting for? Join us at The Glow Squad and let’s dance away your problems,
one song at a time.

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The Glow Squad is an engaging performance that invites individuals from all corners of the galaxy to join us in dancing away their troubles!

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